While I can’t say for sure whether they work or not yet, I have been taught and told over and over not only by college teacher but also by much wiser and more experienced illustrators fellow SCBWI member that the postcard is still regarded as the main way for an illustrator to be seen by art directors. I took it as a matter of faith and this will be my 4th time sending postcards. I have had wider lists and smaller lists, right now I am working on a hybrid lists of contacts that I have organically grown over the years (through conferences, targeted searches and the like) and contacts I got through a service that I paid for. In the past I have usually combined a design I created for the postcard with some other portfolio pieces that I thought were good enough for a postcard. I think though that I have let MOO ( my favorite printer) tempt me into including way too many pieces that maybe were not necessarily my best just because I could. This year I decided to take a different approach and create one single postcard design, but to make it one that would be not only esthetically cohesive but that would also tell a sort of story. 

You can see the final result: the story of a girl who is clearly bored of being in class and watches the geese fly by in the sky and dreams of flying on a hot air balloon and befriending the geese with her.. best friend? sister? girlfriend? I leave it up to the viewer. 

I am really excited to be sending these out, I think that they are the best I have created so far, but then, I always do… Fingers crossed these will bring me some awesome opportunities in 2020!