Last month I had the pleasure to finish the illustrations for a really fun project: The Very Thirsty Mama by Elena Garcia Dauenhauer.

It is a book dedicated to moms more than kids, and it is written in the vein of The Very Hungry Caterpillar: a mom tries to get through her week with three very rambunctious kids (and a dog) by clinging onto coffee and wine and more… but in the end what really turns her into a beautiful strong “butterfly-mom” is friendship, self-care and love!

I really had fun imagining all of the things kids can get into on an average day, and these two illustrations are definitely inspired by real life experiences (although I only have 2 kids and no dog) especially those all too common moments in which it seems like everything is happening at once and every person around you seem to have a breakdown or an emergency that wants your immediate attention.

Visually speaking, I tried to use the color scheme from Carle’s caterpillar for the outfit of the Mama, while also using the bright saturated colors that I love and that had brought Elena to choosing me as an illustrator. 


Probably my favorite illustration of all is the one below: I was trying to find a way to capture the overall message of the book, which is that what really “fills your cup” and keeps you going is not coffee or alcohol, but rather self care, love and friendship. I haven’t had many chances to make many illustrations that are more metaphorical than literal and I am very pleased with how well the final illustration encapsulates the whole concept as well as with the balance and color scheme of it.

I think this book would make a perfect gift for moms anywhere, don’t you? Find it on Amazon or any other online book retailer.